Accept Terms

  • We only tattoo people who are 18+ and no one who is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Due to the high demand at our place, we charge a deposit which is 25% of the booking value. The prepaid deposit is not refunded in case of cancellation.
  • Touch-ups on tattoos done in the shop are free within the first year - but only in cases where the tattoos have had a troubled healing or otherwise are seen as in need of a touch up.
  • You are welcome to bring maximum 1 extra guest to your appointment. The reason for this is, that the studio is a workspace in which a focused dialogue between the artist and you,the client, can take place.
  • Tattooing is AT YOUR OWN RISK - as tattoo artists, we perform our work to the best of our ability and advise as best as possible on aftercare afterwards. It is your own responsibility to take care of your new tattoo afterwards.
  • Tattooing is ink that is pushed into the skin and this can sometimes be unpredictable depending on skin type and placement. As a tattoo artist, we cannot be held responsible for the healing of the tattoo or any irregularities that may occur in lines, etc.
  • We always reserve the right to refuse customers without reason.
  • We always welcome walk ins; however, waiting time is to be expected and we cannot guarantee availability.
  • It is expected that the customer informs us about any diseases or conditions that could be relevant for the tattooing. E.g., HIV, taking blood-thinning medication, hepatitis, tendency to faint, etc.
  • It is always the customer's responsibility to check if the tattoo is correct before we start tattooing. This also refers to font type, punctuation, spelling, etc.
  • We also have other general conditions, which for example deal with personal data, see more here.
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We only send emails or SMS messages occasionally, probably no more than once a week. We only send out messages when we have something to inform about.

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